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Alien Rain 12 Pot 15L Pro Silver Series

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A Revolutionary Automated Watering System That Replicates Rain

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The ALIEN® RAIN™ system is a revolutionary automated watering system that replicates rain. The system can be used with soil, coco or any medium of your choice and can be used as a recirculating or RTW (run to waste) system.


How the Alien Rain System Works

The patent-pending RAIN™ lid effectively delivers nutrient solution and air, in a rain-like effect showering down on a large area of the medium. This technique flushes away any residual depleted nutrient salts and replaces them with fresh nutrients. The RAIN™ lid shades the top of the medium, masking light penetration, therefore preventing algae formation. The medium dries evenly and efficiently, enabling the root zones to take advantage of all the medium, right up to the surface.


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