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Aptus - N-Boost

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A Source of High-Quality Organic Nitrogen!

All plants need plenty of nitrogen, especially during the vegetative growth stages, and by using N-Boost in your nutrient solution you’re giving your plants the best source of nitrogen available in organic form.



How Aptus N-Boost Works

Aptus N-Boost not only contains high quality nitrogen, it also contains L-amino acids that are required for the vegetative stage for superior growth potential. Because of this, Aptus N-Boost improves the growth productivity and sugar content of your vegging plants, giving them everything needed prior to flowering.

As well as providing growth, biostimulation and boosting bacteria populations, N-Boost also stimulates your soil or medium being used. It can also be used in drip systems to prevent clogging, as it leaves no residue behind.

By using Aptus N-Boost you’re giving your plants the best possible start in life so they can grow, as well as supporting a healthy and abundant crop, along with aiding resistance to crop damage and lowering the risk of blockage.


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