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Aptus Regulator - Silicic Acid

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Aptus Regulator - A Potent Source of Silicic Acid

Aptus Regulator toughens up plants by strengthening individual cell walls and does much more besides! Plants absorb silicon in the form of silicic acid dissolved in feed water. Aptus Regulator contains silicic acid in one of the highest concentrations available anywhere.

How Aptus Regulator Works

Aptus Regulator provides silicon to your plants in the form in which they absorb it - as silicic acid. When silicon is absorbed by a plant it will use it to strengthen cell walls. This improves the integrity of the plant at a cellular level and has incredible knock-on effects that can be clearly seen with the naked eye. Expect to see stems with a greater girth and stronger branches that can support more weight. Your plants will become more resistant to many different forms of external stresses, such as high temperatures, pests and diseases.

The improvements don't end there. Silicon also increases chlorophyl levels and thereby boosts photosynthesis. This leads to the final yield and quality of your crop being increased. Regulator increases chlorophyll, allowing plants to photosynthesize more effectively and produce bigger fruits. It also increases plants' uptake of other nutrients, making the rest of your feeding regiment that much more effective.


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