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Atami B'Cuzz Silic Boost

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Thickens Stems and Toughens Branches

Silicon has an array of beneficial effects on plants. It works by toughening up cell walls; when each individual cell is strengthened, the plant becomes stronger as a whole. You can expect to see wider stems and more robust overall structures. Silic Boost also makes plants more resistant to drought, so they'll get much less stressed if you forget to feed them (which can happen from time to time). Nutrient uptake is also greatly enhanced, making better use of the other products in your feeding regimen. Silic Boost will even help with CO2 absorption rates, speeding up the process of photosynthesis. It will get the best out of plants in pretty much any medium or system.

Silic Boost has a powerful effect on an array of plantlife including: vegetables, fruits, and herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, sunflower sprouts, basil etc. The dose can be tailored to suit the needs of the plant(s).


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