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Autopot XL System Kits (1-60 pot)

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  • Autopots – simple and effective watering systems!
  • Our Autopot kits give you everything you need to get started - just choose the number of pots
  • Comes with 25 litre XL containers to provide lots of space for developing roots
  • Produces amazing results, particularly with coco coir mixes like 60/40
  • Extremely low maintenance - saves lots of time and effort compared to hand watering
  • Features gravity-fed irrigation that's regulated by the ingenious Aqua Valve
  • A low cost solution that's great for beginners – easy to use with a great price
  • An extremely popular system – a tried and tested customer favourite
  • No pumps or timers are required and, therefore, no electricity
  • Delivers the goods with different types of growing media and systems


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