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Bluelab pH Controller Connect

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Monitors and Automatically Maintains the pH of your Reservoir Tank

When it comes to pH levels, it's best to be in the know at all times, because pH issues can often devastate plants, making nutrients unavailable, causing deficiencies and stress. The Connect differs to the standard controller, with the Bluelab pH Controller Connect, you can manage the pH levels of your reservoir from anywhere in the world, thanks to its secure, wireless connectivity! Complete peace of mind at all times.

.The Bluelab pH Controller Connect constantly monitors and fine tunes your pH levels for you - no longer do you have to manually use a pH down or up solution as the Bluelab pH Controller Connect has it all in hand. Further still, it wirelessly and effortlessly logs to your mobile, tablet or home computer, giving you information in real time that's accessible from anywhere in the world! 

The ‘Plant-Safe’ green LCDs won't compromise dark cycles, and the large display is very easy to read. The Bluelab pH Controller Connect also includes a built-in safety feature that stops pH dosing if an error is detected in the system.

With this 24-hour security guard monitoring and controlling your pH, you know your plants will be getting the highest level of nutrient uptake.

Please note: DO NOT let the pH probe tip dry out, as this means that you won’t be able to use it again – if it dries, it dies! Also make sure not the bend the probe as this will break the internal glass tube or external glass bulb.

For far more detailed instructions on how to set up the system, probe maintenance, and directions of use, please see the “Getting Started” manual that comes with the Bluelab pH Controller Connect.


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