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Bluelab pH Pen - Temperature Compensated Digital pH Tester

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Bluelab pH Pen – Temperature Compensated Digital pH Tester

The Bluelab pH Pen is a great little hand-held device for measuring the acidity/alkalinity of your nutrient solution. Bluelab products are trusted by growers across the globe for their accuracy and reliability – the handy new pH Pen is no exception! With temperature compensation, it provides highly accurate readings, as well as displaying the temperature of your nutrient solution onscreen.

How the Bluelab pH Pen Works

The Bluelab pH Pen contains a special probe which measures both the pH and temperature of a liquid. The end of the meter is dipped into the nutrient solution and switched on. After a short time, the display will settle and the pH and temperature of the liquid will be shown on the LCD readout. Once a reading has been taken, the display will lock until another button is pressed, giving you the chance to remove the meter from the solution and to read the display.

The accuracy of any pH reader can be negatively effected if the temperature of the solution is too high or too low. The on-board computer inside the Bluelab pH Pen uses temperature information to ensure the accuracy of the pH reading by automatically compensating for any differences, meaning that you can take readings with complete peace of mind, knowing that they are proper representations of what is going on inside your nutrient solution.

The Bluelab pH Pen is water-resistant but not waterproof, so shouldn't be fully submerged for any length of time. Calibration is a simple push-button operation and the unit has an auto switch-off facility to preserve battery life. The meter is straightforward to use and features the same build quality and attention to detail that have made Bluelab products the industry standard.


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