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Bluelab Pro Controller Connect

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Control and Monitor pH, EC and Temperature Wirelessly!

The Bluelab Pro Controller Connect offers a level of control that goes above and beyond anything that's been seen previously. You can monitor and adjust your nutrient strength and pH levels at a distance, using any device that's connected to the internet! Note that you'll need to use this controller in conjunction with a Bluelab Peripod, which does the actual dosing of nutrients, and pH adjusting.

How the Bluelab Pro Controller Connect Works

Simply program the controller with the conductivity, pH and temperature values that you want your system to function at and the controller will display, log and send (via the connect stick) all the relevant information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is one of the most simple, robust, and reliable controllers in its class! 

When combined with the Bluelab “peripod” M3 or L3 systems, you’re taking a further step into being completely automated. Both the M3 and L3 systems (sold separately) regulate your nutrient levels of pH and EC by adding them incrementally as required to your reservoir. Thus allowing you the extra time to further enjoy the fruits of your labours and tend to your crops. As one final bonus, all Bluelab products come with a 2 year limited written guarantee (6 months for the pH probe).


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