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Bud Factor X

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Bud Factor X uses immune system stimulators to trigger a ‘fight or flight’ style response in plants without having to induce actual harm. One of the major effects of this ‘fight or flight’ response is a greatly increased level of essential oil production, which in turn delivers much bigger harvests.

How Bud Factor X Works:

Bud Factor X works on your plants’ immune systems, triggering their off their natural defences. It stimulates something called ‘Induced Systemic Resistance’ (ISR), where proteins and enzymes are released from plant cells to tackle an outside invasion. The clever part about Bud Factor X is that it promotes Induced Systematic Resistance without having to actually cause stress or damage, by fooling plants into the ISR response using molecules that closely resemble those plants rely on to biosynthesize ISR proteins. This stimulates the production of beneficial enzymes, used to do battle with invading pests, pathogens and stressful environments.


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