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Buddhas Tree - Solar Green Power

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Buddhas Tree - Solar Green Power - Silica Additive

Solar Green Power uses silicic acid – the most available form of silica/silicon - to help build huge, fat stems and strong branches capable of supporting the heaviest fruits and flowers. Silicic acid also improves a plant's immune system - increasing its resistance to pests and diseases, as well as improving nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2.

Buddhas Tree - Solar Green Power Works:

Solar Green Power contains the most available form of silica - a natural substance found in abundance all over the world and particularly in soil. Silicic acid is vastly superior to potassium silicate, which is used in the majority of silicon/silicate additives. Silica is used naturally by plants to strengthen cell walls, which in turn improves the integrity of their overall structure. This results in fatter stems and stronger branches that are capable of supporting more weight. This improvement in overall structure also helps to secure your plants against attacks from pests and diseases. Bugs find it hard to penetrate plant matter when each individual cell has the protective armour that silicic acid provides.

Silica even assists with the production of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that is vital to the process of photosynthesis. Without adequate chlorophyll, plants will struggle to use the light energy from your lamp to manufacture the sugars that they need for sustained healthy growth from CO2 in the surrounding air and water. With a healthy supply of silica, you will help to ensure that plants always make optimal use of CO2 in the grow area (whether it be supplemented or brought in from outside via your ventilation system), and in turn, help to ensure that the electricity spent on lighting systems is not wasted.

When supplementing with Solar Green Power, plants lose less water through leaves than normal and will have a much greater resistance to drought and adverse environmental changes. Solar Green Power will help to fully exploit the genetic potential of your plants and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your set-up.


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