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CX Horticulture - Head Masta

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Head Masta 

Head Masta is a top of the range flowering enhancer containing ingredients which increase your plant's flowering response and give you a huge yield and a higher quality crop.

How Head Masta works:

Head Masta provides a whole host of ingredients to optimise the flowering process, leading to bigger yields of higher quality. Fusion nutrition means that organic flowering agents are fused with synthetic nutrients to complement each other perfectly. Head Masta simulates a plant's hormonal flowering signal which increases flower formation and additional bud-sites. Secondly, Head Masta provides vitamins and minerals to ensure your plants have enough of these essential nutrients. Thirdly, silicon is included which creates stronger cell walls, increases weight in the final product and makes the plant hungrier for potassium. Lastly, Head Masta helps plants to regulate water uptake correctly. Plants that are provided with a lots of nutrient can sometimes take up too much or too little water, leading to reduced flowering. Head Masta helps the plant to keep the right amount of water within it to ensure flowering is optimised.


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