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Cyco Nutrients - Platinum Series - XL Gro Stim

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Purified Phosphates - Promotes Insane Root Growth!

XL Gro Stim has such a powerful effect on plants that it only needs to be used once! It's formulated using something called super phosphoric acid, which is produced by reacting phosphates with sulphuric acid.

Super Phosphoric acid provides a readily available and potent source of phosphorus that plants can easily assimilate. This is a particularly important feature, since phosphorus can often get locked up into forms that render it unavailable, making it a bit of a troublesome nutrient.

XL Stim Pro should be dosed during the third week of the growth (vegetative stages). After doing so, you can expect to see explosive growth in both the top half of the plant and the root zone, further increasing the uptake of the other nutrients in your feeding regime. Iron uptake, in particular, is greatly enhanced but there's also an increase in the availability of the other primary macronutrients: nitrogen and potassium.


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