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Dutch Pro - pH Down Bloom (Phosphoric Acid)

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Dutch Pro - pH Down Bloom (Phosphoric Acid)

Dutch Pro - pH Down Bloom (Phosphoric Acid) is used for reducing the pH of your nutrient solution. Phosphoric Acid works really well during the flowering/fruiting phase as it is fairly stable and also provides a source of phosphorus.  Dutch Pro pH Down Bloom can be used in the growth (vegetative) stages but Dutch Pro pH Down Grow (Nitric Acid) is more effective during that time due to its Nitrogen content.

How Dutch Pro - pH Down Bloom (Phosphoric Acid) works:

Dutch Pro pH Down for Bloom is a concentrated Phosphoric acid (30%) that can be used to reduce the pH of almost any liquid that it is added to. When growing plants in hydroponics or aeroponics, it is necessary to keep the pH of your nutrient solution within a certain range. Phosphoric Acid is fairly stable and provides a source of Phosphorus which is useful during the flowering/fruiting stage.  Different plant species have different requirements but in general most plants like a pH range of 5.5 – 6.5 in hydroponics. Dutch Pro - pH Down Bloom is added in small amounts to a nutrient solution to reduce the pH and then help to keep it within this range.


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