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Ecothrive Coco Clay Mix - 45 Litres

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High-Grade 60/40 with a Dose of Charge

The team at Ecothrive has sourced extremely high-quality coco and clay pebbles for this medium, which has earned it the treasured RHP certificate. It's supplied pre-rinsed and buffered, so you can use it straight from the bag, hassle-free. And with an added dose of Charge, it will boost growth rates and provide a source of slow-release nutrition. Great for flood & drain, run to waste, bottom-fed and dripper systems.

How Coco Clay Mix Works

Coco Clay Mix consists of 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco coir - a natural, inert substrate derived from coconut husks. This combination works a treat in a wide array of hydroponic systems and is favoured by huge numbers of growers. That's because it delivers rapid drainage, while providing enough of a buffer to prevent roots from drying out too quickly. This gives you extra time to troubleshoot issues in the event of a pump failure or a power cut. Roots absolutely love it, and you'll notice that development rates in both the top and bottom halves of your plants are exceptional.

Coco Clay Mix is fortified with a healthy dose of Ecothrive Charge - a powerful additive that contains mealworm castings. Charge is absolutely jam-packed with beneficial bacteria, which then go on to multiply and colonise the rootzone. These microorganisms perform an array of beneficial roles, making nutrients available to the plant, breaking down materials and warding off pathogens. We'd always recommend turbo-boosting these microbial populations by adding in some Biosys instant tea. Chitin, one of Charge's main active ingredients, works to strengthen crops by triggering immune responses that cause plant structures to toughen up. This has knock-on effect on size and essential oil production, improving the end-product. As if that wasn't enough, Charge also contains slow release nutrients, with a source of NPKs, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, zinc and trace minerals. Read more about it here.


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