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Ecothrive Coco Clay Mix - 45 Litres

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High-Grade 60/40 with a Dose of Charge

The team at Ecothrive has sourced extremely high-quality coco and clay pebbles for this medium, which has earned it the treasured RHP certificate. It's supplied pre-rinsed and buffered, so you can use it straight from the bag, hassle-free. And with an added dose of Charge, it will boost growth rates and provide a source of slow-release nutrition. Great for flood & drain, run to waste, bottom-fed and dripper systems.

How Coco Clay Mix Works

Coco Clay Mix consists of 60% clay pebbles and 40% coco coir - a natural, inert substrate derived from coconut husks. This combination works a treat in a wide array of hydroponic systems and is favoured by huge numbers of growers. That's because it delivers rapid drainage, while providing enough of a buffer to prevent roots from drying out too quickly. This gives you extra time to troubleshoot issues in the event of a pump failure or a power cut. Roots absolutely love it, and you'll notice that development rates in both the top and bottom halves of your plants are exceptional.


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