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Emerald Harvest - Emerald Goddess

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How Emerald Goddess Works

Emerald Goddess works by harnessing the power of plants' hormonal systems. It triggers the release of auxins, cytokinins and other growth hormones. Auxins work to modulate growth rates, while cytokinins work in a complementary manner by supporting cell growth and division.

The main ingredient is called triacontanol, which is a type of 'phytohormone'. Unlike some of the nastier chemical boosters out there that have proved to be carcinogenic, triacontanol is completely safe and natural, and is found in the leaves of most plants. There's a good reason for it being found in the leaves, and that's because it acts as a chlorophyl booster. Chlorophyll is the compound that gives plants their green colour. More importantly, it also accelerates the process of photosynthesis, where light energy is used to split CO2 into carbon and oxygen. Faster photosynthesis rates mean faster growth rates and bigger and better yields.


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