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Emerald Harvest - Honey Chome

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How Emerald Harvest Honey Chome Works

Honey Chome produces plants with higher levels of terpene-rich essential oil content. This ensures that harvested plant materials have incredibly pungent aromas and more intense flavours, helping to draw the very best properties from the genetics. Different terpenes, such as esters, phenols and other volatile organic compounds, produce different fragrances, like pine, lemon pineapple and wood. The more concentrated and varied the terpenes, the stronger the smells and tastes. Different terpenes also come with different health benefits. Plants treated with terpene enhancers produce fruits and flowers that have enhanced potency when compared to regular produce. Of the thousands of different plant species out there with medical value to humans, most can be improved by adding Honey Chome.

Emerald Harvest Honey Chome works by providing a source of carbohydrates from palm sugar and agave nectar (among others) for both your plants and the beneficial microorganisms that populate the rootzone. To get the most from it, we recommend teaming it up with Emerald Harvest's Root Wizard, because the two work together perfectly. Root Wizard inoculates the substrate with huge colonies of friendly bacteria which (among other jobs) enhance nutrient uptake. Honey Chome then works to keep them happy and healthy - a match made in heaven!


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