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Emerald Harvest - King Kola

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How King Kola Works

King Kola is a PK booster that delivers exceptional results right the way through the bloom phase. All you need to do is adjust the dosage accordingly, starting low early on, and increasing it as you progress through to harvest. Just make sure that you reduce the dosage in the second to last week of flower and stop altogether during the final week of flushing.

You can start using it as soon as you flip your lights to a 12/12 lighting cycle. Adding in King Kola at this stage causes plants to transition from vegetative growth to 'flowering mode' as quickly as possible. The quicker this happens, the quicker you'll get to harvest time! And the good news is that King Kola also lays down solid foundations in the process. It does this by increasing the numbers of flower formations across the plant. This paves the way for a greater quantity of fruits later on.

As you move through the flowering stages and increase the dosage, your plants get an increased hit of phosphorus and potassium, two macronutrients that cause fruits to visibly swell in size, leading to bigger and better harvests.


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