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Emerald Harvest - Root Wizard

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How Root Wizard Works

Root Wizard utilises six different strains of beneficial bacteria to increase root mass, which in turn allows your plants to utilise the other nutrients in your regimen more efficiently and effectively. By strengthening the rootzone, you'll ensure that every last drop of feed that you give to your plants gets used to its full potential, so in many ways you could think of the beneficial bacteria contained in Root Wizard as nutrient optimisers.

These strains are classified as organic PGPRs or plant growth promoting rhizobacteria, and they play a number of different beneficial roles. These microorganisms help to break down dead materials and convert them into usable forms that get deposited directly at the root tips, while stimulating plants to develop longer roots with denser hairs. They also ward off pathogenic bacteria and fungi, helping to protect your crop from potentially deadly root diseases, like pythium. Anybody who's experienced such root diseases will tell you that this is something that you need to avoid at all costs, so it makes sense to box clever and take adequate precautions. Root wizard may be used at 4ml per litre, but it only needs to be used for two weeks throughout your plants' life cycle, so it works out to be excellent value for money, given that the effects of it will be felt right the way through.


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