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Essentials Digital EC Meter

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Essentials Digital EC Meter

A meter to measure the strength of your nutrient solution is one of those really necessary items for enthusiastic hydroponics growers. This budget EC meter is great for the hobbyist as it won't break the bank! For more serious growers we would recommend investing in a Bluelab Truncheon.

How the Essentials Digital EC Meter Works

For growers on a budget, the Essentials Digital EC meter is a great value-for money piece of equipment. The Essentials EC Meter works by measuring the electrical conductivity of your nutrient solution via electrodes on the bottom end and then displays the measurement on an LCD display. This allows the user to be able to fine-tune the strength of their nutrient solution for optimal plant-growth. The electrodes and temperature sensor (for temperature compensation) are protected by a slotted plastic shroud on the bottom of the unit. The Essentials EC Meter is factory calibrated but we recommend the unit is recalibrated every 10 measurements or so in order to maintain it's accuracy. The Essentials EC Meter is shock resistant and water resistant, but not water-proof so it should never be submerged. The unit will automatically switch itself off to preserve battery life if it is not used for several minutes.


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