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Essentials Digital pH Tester

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Essentials Digital pH Meter

The Essentials Digital pH Meter is excellent little hand-held device for measuring the acidity/alkalinity of your nutrient solution. Reliable and great value-for-money.

How the Essentials Digital pH Meter Works

The Essentials pH Meter contains a special probe which measures the pH of a liquid. The end of the meter is dipped into the nutrient solution and switched on. After a short time, the display will settle and pH of the liquid will be shown on the LCD readout. Once a reading has been taken, the display will lock until another button is pressed, giving you chance to remove the meter from the solution and to read the display. The Essentials digital pH Meter is water-resistant and will not be damaged if accidentally dropped into a solution for a short space of time. Calibration is a simple push-button operation and the unit has an auto switch-off facility to preserve battery life. The meter is straightforward to use and has proved to be reliable and accurate making it great value-for-money.


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