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Evoponic - Accelerator

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Accelerate your Growth Rate and Flower Production with Evoponic Accelerator

Evoponic Accelerator works in both the vegetation period to boost growth rates of vegging plants and as a booster in the flowering period too! Use Evoponic Accelerator to provide resistance to pests and diseases along with the benefits of accelerated plant development at all growth stages.

How Evoponic Accelerator Works

Evoponic Accelerator turbo charges your plants in both stages of plant development. Used in the vegitation period it provides improved pest and disease resistance thanks to the range of amino acids. These amono acids aid growth, leading to healtier plants when flowers start to set.  

In the bloom phase Evoponic Accelerator sends out powerful signals to the plant that trigger the rapid development of flowers as well as increasing resin production, improving flavour and aroma.


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