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Exhale CO2 Bags

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Plants depend on co2 as a crucial component in the process of photosynthesis; without an adequate supply, your plants will, at best, never reach their full potential and, at worst, wither and die. The first and most important step to addressing this issue is to make sure that your extraction system is able to replace the air in your grow area once every two minutes, bringing in a constant source of co2 from an outside area. However, plants can actually make use of more co2 than is generally present in the atmosphere. The Exhale CO2 Bag allows you to boost levels of carbon dioxide beyond levels present in the surrounding air, improving growth rates, overall vigour and triggering a sizeable increase in yield. No chemicals or equipment are required in the process; instead, the grow bag is filled with a large quantity of mycelial mass, which naturally emits a steady and plentiful supply of carbon dioxide through a one-way breather patch. Using it is as simple as placing it in a sensible spot above the canopy. That's it! The Exhale CO2 Bag will then increase CO2 levels in the surrounding atmosphere to levels up to 1500ppm. You can expect the Exhale Bag to supply 4-6 plants with optimal levels of co2 for up to 6 months.


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