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Gavita Pro 300 LEP Plasma Air Cooled Grow Light

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The Gavita Pro 300 LEP lighting fixture (light emitting plasma) is a solid state horticultural plasma grow light which has a blend of metal halide and Argon gas to produce natural light similar to the sun.

The Full Spectrum Grow version of this light is excellent for the growth cycle and as supplemental lighting in flowering to enhance crop quality.
The Full Spectrum Bloom model emits a little extra light in the red part of the light spectrum but less green and a little less blue to produce great growth on it's own and extra output for flowering or fruiting. We recommend adding supplemental HPS lighting for full flowering ability.

There are no moving parts in the fully sealed housing, improving the reliability. The light source is a LUXIM STA 41.02 LiFi module which has a rated average life of 30,000 hours.

The plasma grow light ballast is enclosed in a 150mm tube which must be air-cooled with an appropriate size duct-fan and ducting.

The glass wide spectrum filter allows for low quantities UVB light to pass while shielding you and your crop from UVC. The Miro aluminum reflector generates an even square light pattern. The absence of heat radiation in the light allows you to hang the lamp close to your crop, or to add to the light without adding extra heat radiation to your crop.

This long awaited Gavita pro 300 LEP with the science and technology brings lots of advantages to your garden. Plants grown under full spectrum plasma light is a beautiful thing to see with stunning results and healthier plants, three times faster development, more lateral branches and plant structure with a more even spread, and a coverage span which is very impressive at three different heights.

Plasma light helps with better climate control in hot weather situations, creating a better environment so you can achieve the best possible results for your hard efforts. As seen with standard HPS lights, climate control can be hard to achieve when adding more than one light, with plasma light you don’t have this problem when multi lighting.

Gavita Pro 300 LEP Air Cooled Features:

  • Comes complete with Plasma emitter (lamp)
  • Solid State Plasma: no moving parts, fans or sound
  • Horticultural quality fixture
  • Miro Aluminum reflector, square light pattern
  • High quality glass filter
  • Full spectrum light incl. UVB
  • Rated average life of 30,000 hours

Gavita Pro 300 LEP Air Cooled Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 120 277 Volt (+/3%)
  • Input Current: 1.3 Ampere at 230 Volt
  • Input Power: 300 Watt (+/3%)
  • Power Factor: >0,99
  • THD: <10%
  • Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Electrical Insulation: class 1
  • Dimensions: L 593 mm x B 261 mm x H 190 mm
  • Weight: Ca 11.7 Kg / 25.8 lb
  • Operating Temp. (°C): 0 – 35 C / 32 95 F
  • Case Temp. (°C): 75
  • Relative Humidity: 25 – 70% (non-condensing)
  • Reflector Material: Miro™ aluminum high efficiency reflector, square field
  • Glass Filter: 4 mm Crystal Clear Low-Iron float glass with wide spectrum grow light transmission
  • Covered Area: 3'x 3' at 1' distance, 4'x 4' at 1.25' distance
  • Light Source: LIFI STA 41-02 module
  • Luminous Flux: 18,000 lumen (indicative)
  • PPF: 300 ìmol (calculated from spectrum analysis)
  • Color Temperature: 5600 K
  • CRI: 94
  • Operating Position: Light source pointed downward +/90


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