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General Hydroponics Bio Bloom

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General Hydroponics Bio Bloom

This natural flowering booster is part of the General Hydroponics "Bio" range of boosters, Bio Roots comes as a concentrate which is diluted and then used on plants while flowering/fruiting for bigger crops of better quality.


How Bio Bloom Works

General Hydroponics Bio Bloom is a concentrate made from natural ingredients and is used on plants in the flowering and fruiting stage. Bio Bloom contains ingredients which stimulate growth and activity in the friendly micro-organisms in the root-zone. Bio Bloom also contains ingredients which improve nutrient uptake (especially of Calcium) and transport around the plant, especially to the areas of the plant which are deprived. Bio Bloom encourages larger leaves and better photosynthesis which in turn leads to bigger blooms of better quality.  Bio Bloom also helps improve your plant's immune system against diseases.


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