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GK-Organics - Complete Organics

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Five GK Products in One - A Great All-Round Organic Fertiliser

Complete Organics is an all-in-one fertiliser that produces excellent results right the way through the grow and bloom phases. Its versatility makes it an extremely simple solution, taking very little time to attend to. All you need to do is mix it into the substrate when potting up (at the recommended dosages - see the 'how to' section) and use plain water when feeding. You can then top-dress (layer it on top of the soil) as needed if your plants look like they need more nutrient.

GK-Organics Complete Organics is a balanced mix of the following GK products:

Guanokalong Powder

GK-Organics Seaweed Powder

GK-Organics Palm Tree Ash

GK-Organics Vegetal Fertilizer

GK-Organics Lava Worm Powder


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