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Gold Label Special Light Mix - 45 Litres

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The Perfect Starting Point for Your Next Crop

Gold Label Special Light Mix is made using the same Swedish virgin white peat and high quality perlite for maximum aeration and water retention but with less added nutrients. The lower concentration of nutrition enables quick root formation and the ability to refine your nutrient regime from the very start of a plants life cycle. Gold Label Special Light Mix is also mixed with Swedish clay, lime, minerals, trace elements and organic fertilizer to make a light soil mix thats ready straight out of the bag.


How Gold Label Special Light Mix Works

Gold Label Special Light Mix is a soil-mix designed with seedlings and cuttings in mind. It contains a similar blend of Swedish virgin white peat which makes it excellent for water retention, as a single gram of Special Light Mix can hold an astonishing 10 grams of water! The only difference between Gold Label Special Mix and the "lighter" version is Gold Label Special Light Mix has less added nutrition to begin with, making it perfect to use with seedlings or cuttings. As with the Gold Label Special Mix the Gold Label Special Light Mix has added perlite that aids aeration of the young root zone, allowing for fast, upward growth and promoting a healthy root system to quickly establish.


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