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Green House Nutrients - BioEnhancer

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Organic Growth Enhancer

BioEnhancer is a multi-purpose natural booster that will push growth rates using 100% organic ingredients. It works by increasing uptake rates and conditioning the soil. It can even help to speed up the turnaround times for cuttings and seedlings, getting them rooted as quickly as possible. It also works as a foliar treatment, encouraging new growth and promoting vibrant plant health.

Increased Nutrient Uptake

Humic and Fulvic acids are extracted from leonardite -  a dark substance that's similar in its appearance to coal, consisting of decomposed organic matter that's formed over millions of years. Humic and fulvic acid act as soil conditioners, massively increasing microbial activity, and functioning as biocatalysts.

As natural chelators, they further increase nutrient uptake by bonding to certain nutrients, turning them into forms that are more available to the plant, effectively 'unlocking' them. Iron uptake, in particular, is massively increased, leading to higher levels of chlorophyll and enhanced rates of photosynthesis. This generates greater levels of sugars, giving your plants everything needed to reach their full potential.

The Benefits of Kelp

BioEnhancer contains an extract of ascophyllum nodosum, otherwise known as kelp. With a total of 62 trace elements, kelps extracts deliver a massive boost for both the rootzone and the top half of the plant.

Kelp also comes with an array of amino acids and natural phytohormones - chemical signallers that do for plants what steroids do for humans (enhancing growth).


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