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Hailea ACO Air Pumps Adjustable Output

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Hailea ACO Air Pumps Adjustable Output

The Hailea ACO Adjustable Air Pump range are super quiet, lightweight,  single or multi outlet air pumps with adjustable air flow. These pumps produce a user-adjustable air-flow, making them excellent for oxygenating your reservoirs, Water farm or Aquafarm.

The Hailea ACO Series Adjustable Pumps are top-performance, single and multi-air pumps made to pump air through an airline into sub-merged air-stones. You can easily adjust the air-flow using the control on the top of the pump. The pumps produce a consistent and steady air-pressure. The air passes through a muffler to reduce noise and the rubber feet absorb vibrations. The silent pump produces low noise and vibration levels.

  • Hailea – world famous for high quality aquarium air pumps.
  • User adjustable output from 0.4 litres to 42 litres per minute.
  • Easy to use output control.
  • Constructed with high quality components for reliability.
  • Multi-level muffler considerably reduces noise.
  • Special suspension-feet drastically reduces vibration.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Single or multi outlets for driving one or more air lines.


Hailea ACO-9601 – 13.6cm x 7.8cm x 6.8cm
Hailea ACO-9602 – 16.2cm x 10cm x 8.7cm
Hailea ACO-9610 – 18.7cm x 14.5cm x 9.5cm
Hailea ACO-9620 – 22.4cm x 16.3cm x 12.6cm
Hailea ACO-9630 – 24.8cm x 17.6cm x 13.7cm

Air flow:

Hailea ACO-9601 – 0.4 to 3.2 litres per minute (single outlet)
Hailea ACO-9602 – 0.8 to 7.2 litres per minute (two outlet)
Hailea ACO-9610 – 1.6 to 10 litres per minute (four outlet)
Hailea ACO-9620 – 1.8 to 14 litres per minute (six outlet)
Hailea ACO-9630 – 2.3 to 16 litres per minute (eight outlet)


Hailea ACO-9601 – <40dB
Hailea ACO-9602 – <40dB
Hailea ACO-9610 – <45dB
Hailea ACO-9620 – <45dB
Hailea ACO-9630 – <45dB

Power Consumption:

Hailea ACO-9601 – 2 Watts
Hailea ACO-9602 – 5 Watts
Hailea ACO-9610 – 10 Watts
Hailea ACO-9620 – 12 Watts
Hailea ACO-9630 – 15 Watts


1 x Hailea ACO Adjustable Air Pump of your choice


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