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House & Garden Bat-Special - Soil and Guano Mix - 50 litre

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Harnessing the Power of Bat Guano!

Bat-Special contains a blend of decomposed peat, perlite, lime and bat guano, providing lots of aeration for roots, excellent drainage, stabilised pH levels and a highly effective source of nutrition.


How House & Garden Bat-Special Works

The research and development team at House & Garden have decades of experience in the professional horticultural industry. Over the years, they've been gradually tweaking this soil mix to ensure that it has all of the qualities needed to optimize growth - excellent drainage, stable pH levels, plentiful oxygen and an enriched source of slow-release nutrition.

The bulk of Bat-Special is made up of two types of decomposed peat: German Black and Baltic White. German Black Peat has a fine consistency, whereas Baltic White tends to be chunkier and spongier. The two combined create a perfect balance, with a nice, airy conistency. These properties are further enhanced with supplementary perlite, which is a natural soil addition derived from volcanic glass. Perlite is highly permeable – meaning that water passes through it easily. This low water retention allows nutrients to drain more freely through containers, leaving small pockets of air that increase aeration and improve nutrient uptake. This, in turn, lowers the risk of root disease and promotes all-round healthier plants with bigger yields and an increase in quality.


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