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Jiffy Pro7 70/30 Coco Mix 50 Litres

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Jiffy Pro7 - High-Quality Coco / Perlite Blend

Jiffy Pro7 70/30 contains a blend of high-quality coco and perlite. Adding in 30% perlite makes the coco lighter and fluffier, giving it even better drainage and oxygenation levels.

How Jiffy Pro7 70/30 Works

The extra perlite in 70/30 allows nutrients to flow through the medium more freely. As a result, 70/30 will need watering more often than regular coco, but the pay-off for this is faster growth rates and bigger crops! These properties make it well suited to automated systems, like drippers, which can water plants multiple times a day without putting in extra effort. 

With improved drainage, you'll also reduce the liklihood of encountering root diseases like pythium.


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