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Jiffy Pro7 Coco 50 Litres

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High-Grade Jiffy Pro7 Coco

Coco coir is a popular growing medium made from coconut fibre, which provides a great balance between water retention and aeration. Jiffy Pro7 Coco is supplied washed, pre-treated and buffered, allowing you to use it straight from the bag.

How Jiffy Pro7 Coco Works

Jiffy Pro7 Coco is an inert hydroponic medium that delivers incredible results. In fact, coco is currently the most popular growing media around, which is down to both the results it delivers and its ease of use.

With an RHP certification, you can use Jiffy Pro7 Coco with complete peace of mind. It's sourced from extremely high quality raw materials and is thoroughly washed to remove excess salts. It's also fully buffered, making it one of the most stable substrates you can buy.


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