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Large Origin Systems (Formerly known as the Wilma System)

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Origin System (Formerly Know as the Wilma System) - Simple to Use, Delivering Great Results with Practically Any Medium!

Origin (Wilma) Systems are great value-for-money and incredibly easy to use, producing exceptional results in almost any growing medium. All Wilma Small Systems come with 75cm x 75cm bases, but you can choose from multiple pot-sizes and pot-numbers by clicking on the dropdown menu.

How the Origin (Wilma) Dripper System Works

In Origin (Wilma) Systems, nutrient solution is held in a reservoir which is also the base of the system. A water pump is used to pump the nutrient solution from the reservoir, through the drip-lines and out through drippers inserted into each of the pots, which sit on a collection tray on top of the reservoir. The nutrient solution then returns to the reservoir ready to be used again.


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