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LightWave T5

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LightWave T5 (Formerly known as Maxibright) Grow Light systems are cream of the crop when it comes to propagation/veg lighting. Giving out more light per watt than any other fluorescent lamp and come in a range of sizes, to fit any space and budget.

How the LightWave T5 Grow Light Works

T5's are, quite simply, the best fluorescent tubes available. They produce more lumens per watt than any other fluorescent tube and the blue-white colour spectrum type supplied with the Growth Technology T5 (Formerly known as Maxibright) Grow Light is ideal for propagation and vegetative plant growth. The T5 tubes are fitted into a robust metal case with a carefully shaped reflector that ensures all the light from each individual tube is directed downwards where it is needed. The case includes a power switch and attached fittings for easy hanging. All the models listed come complete with Cool Daylight T5 Tubes in the appropriate size. Warm Daylight 27K Tubes are available separately.


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