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Lumatek ATS PRO LED Grow Lights

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Compact Lumatek LED Grow Lights for Smaller Grow Spaces

ATS Pro LEDs give you the benefits of the hugely popular Lumatek Zeus range, but for smaller grow spaces. These Lumatek LED fixtures come in two models: there's a 200w led grow light that's optimised for 80cm square spaces and 300w model that's ideal for areas up to 1m square. This opens things up to hobbyist growers who don't have the room to run larger, spider style LEDs. These units also make great veg lights.

Full Spectrum Outputs, Optimised to Match Natural Sunlight

ATS Pro LEDs have extremely rich outputs with much broader spectrums than traditional HPS and fluorescent lighting. That's because Lumatek LED grow lights are built with a mixture of white, deep red and far-red diodes. Previous generations of LED grow light failed to deliver because they relied on a simple mixture of royal blue and deep red LEDs to target chlorophyll absorption peaks. They also lacked the penetration needed to push light through dense canopies. Not so with ATS Pro units... Choose either of these units and you're getting an LED grow light that's extremely efficient and, therefore, produces an incredibly high intensity output with the same power consumption. The 300w pro LED puts out a whopping 816 µmol/s, running with an efficiency of up to 2.7 µmol/J. The ATS 200w Pro comes in at a very respectable 2.5 2.7 µmol/J.

ATS Pro LEDs are tweaked to have a large spike in the red areas of the spectrum, but they also have a big spike in the blue areas. This makes them ideal for use in both veg and flower. The extra blue keeps height levels down, reducing stretching, and making much more efficient use of the space in your indoor garden.

Passive cooling

With a highly efficient light source, less energy is lost as heat. This enables a pro LED grow light to run with passive cooling - no fans required. For this reason, they're silent running and the lifespans are also extended considerably. In fact, the diodes on these units are rated for 60,000 hours of use, meaning that you could run these units for over 13 years on 12/12 (flowering) lighting cycles or over 9 years on 18/6 (vegetative) lighting patterns.

An Optimal Design with an Excellent Build Quality

Both units come with custom built drivers that have been optimised specifically for the job, allowing these fixtures to squeeze out extra efficiency. Naturally, they use top bin LEDs that perform as well as anything else in the industry.

The upgraded diodes are now more evenly distributed across the whole length of the light bars resulting for an even better footprint. The light spread on these units is almost perfectly square, with a uniform output.

Other new features of this line include:

New IP65 rating - grow with complete peace of mind! Great if you have to leave the grow space for prolonged periods.

Clear Glue protection for the LED bars - this gives you higher light transmittance, extended diode lifespan and extra corrosion resistance.

Compatible with the Lumatek digital lighting controller (Control Panel Plus), giving you access to features like sunrise / sunset mode and auto-dimming and centralised timer control over hundreds of lighting fixtures. There's also a temperature safety control capability for extra peace of mind.



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