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Lumatek Zeus 1000w LED Grow Lights

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Jaw-Droppingly Intense LEDs - The Most Powerful Fixtures You Can Buy

Lumatek's 1000 watt LEDs are the most powerful yet, delivering eye-watering efficiencies of 2.7 and 2.9 umol per watt! They produce intense, full-spectrum outputs that are close to natural sunlight, with almost perfectly even footprints.

How the Lumatek Zeus 1000w Pro Works

Pro and Xtreme - What's the Difference?

The Pro and the Xtreme are identical in almost all aspects; they only differ in efficiency and output levels. The Pro version is a great all-rounder and the perfect replacement for a 1000w HPS in 1.5m square grow space.

Xtreme LEDs are designed for use in closed-loop settings with supplemental CO2. They're so powerful that you'll need extra carbon dioxide to cope with the intensity, allowing your plants to photosynthesise more effectively. When adding CO2, you can use Xtreme LEDs in 1.5m square grow spaces. Without additional CO2, we'd recommend lifting it higher and covering a larger area of around 1.8m square, preventing stress.


Zeus LEDs produce full-spectrum light that's close to natural sunlight, with a large peak in the red areas. This allows them to pile on plenty of weight during the bloom phase, causing fruits to swell in size. You won't have any problems hitting your targets with these units!

The included controller has four output settings: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It's also possible to regulate multiple units simultaneously using the (separately available) Lumatek lighting controller. 

Lumatek LEDs are supplied disassembled, and in boxes that are easy to transport, unlike the Gavita 1700e which requires a pallet delivery. This means that they can easily fit into awkward places - though loft hatches, for instance. They can be assembled by a competent person in a matter of minutes.

With 60,000 hour lifespans, Zeus LEDs represent amazing value for money. On a 12/12 cycle you can expect to get over 13 years of use from one of these units. And don't forget that you'll never have to change a lamp over this time period, saving you up to £100 a year or £1300+!


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