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The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED is a simple bar-format LED light which provides supplementary UV and Far-Red light to extend the spectrum of light provided by other light sources. Designed to be attached to the LUMii Black Blade 400w LED fixture, it can also be used alongside any other full spectrum grow light to increase the yield and quality of crops, stimulate growth and promote flowering. Plug and play with its own power lead, we recommend that it is controlled via a timer and used for about 2 hours per day during the photoperiod.  

Key selling points:  
  • Adds UVA (385 nm) to the grow light spectrum 
  • Adds Far Red (730 nm) to the grow light spectrum 
  • Fits directly to LUMii Black Blade 400w LED 
  • Can be used as a supplementary light with any other grow lighting 
  • Powered directly from a mains outlet 
Technical Specifications:   


30 W ± 5% 

Input Voltage 

100 – 277 V AC / 50-60 kHz 

Input Current 

0.3A @ 100V, 0.11A @ 277V 


56.60 umol/s – wavelengths 200-800 nm 


385 nm & 730 nm 

Light Radiation Angle 


IP Rating 



Length 605 mm (23.82”) Width 57 mm (2.24”) Depth 31 mm (1.21”) 


0.85 kg / 1.87 lb 

Operating Ambient Temperature & Humidity 

0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F). Max RH 95% 

Storage Temperature & Humidity 

-40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F). Max RH 85% 
Q: Why add a LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED to my grow lighting? 
A: The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED will add UVA and Far-Red wavelengths to the overall grow lighting spectrum. These are beneficial to plants and can improve yield, quality, growth and flowering of crops. 

Q: Can the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED only be used with a LUMii Black Blade 400w LED? 
A: The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED emits only UVA and Far-Red wavelengths and does not provide the full spectrum of light which plants need to thrive, so it should always be used as a supplementary light with other grow lighting. It was designed for direct attachment to the LUMii Black Blade 400w LED, but it can be hung alongside any other full spectrum grow light source. 

Q: How should I power and control the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED? 
A: The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED has its own integral power lead, which can be plugged directly into the mains supply. However, we recommend that you use a plug-in timer to schedule your Bar LED. Excessive UV can be harmful to plants, and your plants will benefit if the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED is powered for only about 2 hours per day during the photoperiod. The exact amount of time should be determined by the grower, for the greatest benefit to the crop. 

Q: Is the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED safe? 
A: Yes, it is perfectly safe if used correctly and certain simple precautions are taken. Persons should avoid entering the grow room when the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED is lit. NEVER look directly at it when lit. 


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