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A great combination of LED grow lights to give full, balanced spectrum 3500K white light plus UVA (385 nm) and Far Red (730 nm) over a growing area up to 1.2 m2. The LUMii BLACK Blade 400W LED has female threaded inserts set in the frame between its twin LED plates, which are designed to accept the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED, which comes with fixing screws provided. 
The LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED is a cool-running and efficient plate-format LED alternative to 600 W HID lamps. Dimmable using integral control and able to be scheduled using a plug-in timer, it can also be controlled externally by means of the PowerPlant LED Controller. Powered directly by mains electricity via the 2 m power lead supplied. Complete with hanging slings for easy installation.  
The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED provides supplementary UV and Far-Red light to increase the yield and quality of crops, stimulate growth and promote flowering. Plug and play with its own power lead, we recommend that it is controlled via a timer and used for about 2 hours per day during the photoperiod. 
Key selling points:  
  • Full, balanced spectrum, with added UVA and Far Red for the whole plant life cycle 
  • Simple to install and operate 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Very low heat output and excellent dissipation 
  • Each powered directly by mains electricity 
Technical Specifications:   
LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED 

Input Power 

400 W 

Input Voltage 

100 – 277 V AC / 50 – 60 kHz 

Input Current 

4 A @ 100 V, 1.44 A @ 277 V 


2.6 µmol/J @ 220 V AC 


1040 µmol/s 

Light Radiation Angle 

IP Rating  IP65 
Overall Dimensions  610 mm - 740 mm (adjustable) x 505 mm x 97 mm (24.0” - 29.1” adj. x 19.9” x 3.8”) 


6.2 kg (13.7 lb) 
Operating Ambient Temperature & Humidity  0° C - 40° C (32° F – 104° F). Max RH 95% 

Storage Temperature & Humidity 

-40° C - 70° C (-40° F – 158° F). Max RH 85% 
LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED 


30 W ± 5% 

Input Voltage 

100 – 277 V AC / 50-60 kHz 

Input Current 

0.3A @ 100V, 0.11A @ 277V 


56.60 umol/s – wavelengths 200-800 nm 


385 nm & 730 nm 

Light Radiation Angle 


IP Rating 



Length 605 mm (23.82”) Width 57 mm (2.24”) Depth 31 mm (1.21”) 


0.85 kg / 1.87 lb 

Operating Ambient Temperature & Humidity 

0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F). Max RH 95% 

Storage Temperature & Humidity 

-40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F). Max RH 85% 
Q: Can I power and schedule both the LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED and the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED from the same mains outlet and timer? 
A: It is possible that you could, but we don’t recommend it for several reasons: 
  • While the LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED will be lit for a photoperiod of 18 or 12 hours each day, it is recommended that the LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED is lit for only 2 hours during that photoperiod, so the 2 units need to be timed separately. 
  • The LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LED will need only a simple 24hr timer to schedule it. A similar timer could be used to schedule the LUMii BLACK Blade 400w LED, but you may wish to control that better, using a PowerPlant LED Controller, especially if you have several fixtures, and daisy-chain link the array to one controller. If you do have several fixtures, then you could control several LUMii Black Bar 30w UV/FR LEDs using the same timer, provided that you do not exceed the amp rating of the timer, power socket or leads. 
  • If something goes wrong, and a plug fuse is blown, it will be easier to identify the fault if each unit is powered separately. 


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