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Maxibright Daylight LED 1030w Grow Light

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How the Maxibright Pro LED Grow Light Works

By now, you'll probably be familiar with this style of LED. . In short, this LED is vastly superior to traditional lighting systems because it delivers a much more even spread, while using top-end Osram and Lumiled diodes to produce an intense, full-spectrum output. These units run extremely cool, making your environment easier to control, and they last for 50,000 hours, which is close to 12 years on a 12/12 cycle! Many customers have run side-by-side tests comparing Maxibright LEDs to HPS lights, and the Maxibrights blow them out of the water! Growers also report that plants tend to finish earlier under these LEDs, shaving a week or more off the total flowering time, which is another big advantage.


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