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Maxibright Daylight LED 660w Pro Grow Light

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More Light & Efficiency - Grow Bigger With The Maxibright LED Daylight Pro Grow Light 

In terms of 'price versus performance', the 660w Maxibright LED Daylight Pro grow light is one of the best LED grow lights we've tested so far. It is incredibly efficient and produces an incredibly even footprint, and utilises highly efficient diodes meaning the fixture has an output level of a whopping 2.7 μmols per watt!

It is ideal for a 1.2m x 1.2m grow or even a 1.5m x 1.5m grow space. More light and less heat means your crops will be bigger than ever before!


How the 660w Maxibright LED Daylight PRO Grow Light Works

Having tested ththis unit, Maxibright have wisely chosen to adopt a "spider" design that matches the latest generation of LED, like the Gavita 1700e. Instead of concentrating diodes in a central spot and using lenses to direct the light outwards, Maxibright have opted to spread the diodes over a much wider area, using six separate strips. This allows it to deliver a footprint that's much more even than that of a regular HID lighting system or "module" type LED grow light. On top of that the fixture efficiency of 2.7 µmols/Watt blows HPS light efficiency which is, at best, only 2.1 µmols/Watt

This unit has been designed so that it's easier to transport than similar alternatives. For this reason, you'll need to assemble it when you receive it, which can be done comfortably in 5-10 minutes. This means that you can get it through tight spaces like loft hatches. It comes in a box that's easy to transport and store, and it won't require a pallet delivery.

It emits intense levels of red light that will cause fruits to swell up in size as you progress through the flowering stages. Naturally, the unit is full spectrum, so there's also a very healthy level of blue in there to keep the stretching down and optimise the quality of the crop. There's some far-red too which stimulates the flowering / fruiting process. You can see the superbly optimised spectrum on the about section.

  • Osram Red LED efficiency: 3.8 µmols/Watt
  • Lumiled White LED efficiency: 2.85 µmols/Watt
  • Combined LED efficiency: 3.15 µmols/Watt
  • Fixture efficiency with driver: 2.7 µmols/Watt
  • PPF Output: 1782 µmols/Second


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