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Maxibright Daylight LED UVA and UVB 60W

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Increase Plant Compounds and Kill Bacteria with UV

The Maxibright Daylight LED UVA & UVB strips are ideal for those wanting to improve plant quality and kill any bacteria / mildew spores in your grow room. 

How the Maxibright Daylight LED UVA & UVB Works

When plants are exposed to UVB, they send out signals to stimulate the production of the RVR8 Protein which in turn, signals the plants to produce more external compounds to protect them from the increase in UVB.

UVA & UVB also help to eliminate the growth of powedery mildew, as these spores can't live in a high UV environment.

UVB also creates more compact and denser flowers, stopping stretching and keeping your plants at the ideal height for increasing yields, allowing them to focus all energy into fruit production rather than stretching upwards.


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