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Medusa Run To Waste System (Large Trays)

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Don't forget that these kits are fully customisable: call our team of experts for advice on bespoke set-ups on 07999 801303.

Run to Waste Baseline Tray Kits - Take the Hassle Out of Feeding!

Choose a Baseline Tray kit and take the headaches out of your growing routine! They save loads of time for handwaterers (who are used to dealing with saucers and trays that are full of excess run-off). And once you try running a Baseline Tray grow system, you'll no doubt want to go the whole hog and upgrade to a dripper system, which you can do easily with this kit - that's why we've included a Brain Controller that can tackle both set-ups!

How the Baseline Tray Works

When growing in soil or coco you're going to need to allow for around 10% run-off. This run-off liquid has got to go somewhere, but unfortunately, in many cases, it ends up sitting around in saucers or trays. Roots hate being sat in run-off because it starves them of oxygen and opens up the doorway to crop-destroying issues like pythium (a problem you absolutely do not want to be dealing with). The Baseline Tray Kit offers you the solution - it's a massive improvement over saucers and trays because it allows you to get rid of waste nutrient quickly and easily. Inside the Medusa Baseline Tray is a dipped area that has a pre-drilled hole. Use this hole to connect the supplied 25mm Icetube pipe and fittings to your Brain Controller and then use the brain to pump away the waste. We have chosen 25mm pipework after many hours of testing to minimise blockages, as well as making sure the excess nutrient solution is drained from the trays as quickly as possible to ensure that your plants are not sitting in waste for any longer than they need to be.


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