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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is made from a whole range of natural foods – alfalfa meal (medicago), earthworm castings, humus, seaweed extract (ascophyllum nodosum), yucca extract, bat guano plus a mineral called azomite. Azomite is an especially rich source of over 70 trace elements, and provides all those little extras that make the difference in the quality of your crop. These foods supply natural forms of nutrients which plants thrive on, raising their disease immunity and increasing the natural oils and terpene production within the plant. Naturally grown produce is usually regarded as being higher quality with better flavours and aromas than average hydroponically grown produce. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana bridges that gap allowing you to benefit from the superior taste of naturally fed plants while giving a boost to the amazing speed of growth you get from growing in a hydroponics set-up. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana is very carefully made and is formulated not to clog drippers or form a sludge. Nirvana does not smell strong and it even has a long shelf-life. Try Nirvana for happier, healthier and tastier crops.


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