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Nutriculture GroTank NFT System

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The Nutriculture GroTank Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System oxygenates your plants' roots. The plants are placed in rockwool and benefit from increased access to oxygen. The system constantly pumps nutrient solution to the roots. The GroTank is also known as a pure hydroponic solution because it comprises virtually no medium. The rockwool blocks in which your plants started growing is the only grow medium used. The consistent water supply ensures 3x higher harvest yields compared to traditional growing systems. You'll enjoy healthier plants and increased yields with the Nutriculture GroTank system.

General Information

  • The Nutriculture Nutrient Film Technique system uses virtually no grow media;
  • The system super oxygenates your plants' roots;
  • The GroTanks are 20cm tall;
  • The system is available in 6 sizes;
  • Ensures constant access to water and oxygen.


  • It's a durable and efficient growing system;
  • Produces zero waste;
  • Strengthens your plants.

The Science

Your plants are placed in the NFT system without additional growing media. The system pumps nutrient solution over the plants' roots and run-off returns to the reservoir. To transfer your plants into the GroTanks, take the plants out of their pots and set them into the GroTanks trays.

How to Use

Before you place the plants into the system, make sure they're well-rooted. Depending on the plants' variety, place 1 plant per every square foot. The pump must be consistently running. Set the pump's flow level so the nutrient solution runs over the mat but doesn't submerge the roots.

Dimensions and Plant Sites

  • GT205 - 70x40x20cm - 1 to 3 Plants
  • GT424 - 112x50x20cm - 3 to 5 Plants
  • GT604 - 153x50x20cm - 5 to 8 Plants
  • GT901 - 208x50x20cm - 6 to 12 Plants
  • GT100 - 120x106x20cm - 9 to 16 Plants
  • GT150 - 183x98x18cm - 15 to 25 Plants


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