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Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Bloom

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Plant Magic Old Timer organic bloom has been formulated by Plant Magic to be completely organic, it contains nutrients that have the correct NPK ratio, this ensures a healthy plant from seeding to harvest. Old Timer's special formula will help to create beneficial fungi and micro-organisms, all this aids to produce a thriving growing medium.

Old timer's unique formula has been derived from plant extracts, it contains EU approved organic ingredients which have beneficial secondary micro nutrients.

Old Timer will provide lush healthy green growth and will enhance natural flavours and aromas from edible crops. A truly wonderful organic nutrient that is easy to use and delivers great natural results.

Top Tip: Old Timer Bloom is designed for use in the flowering/fruiting phase, for those grower's who want to remain 100% organic and natural then this is the nutrient for you.

How To Use: Old Timer Bloom - per litre of water Add 2-5ml


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