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A high-performance, high-quality 4-bar LED fixture. Compact, lightweight and much easier to install and maintain than other fixtures on the market, it makes no compromise on efficacy and output. Its open construction and very low heat output greatly assist airflow and heat management.

 Producing a lush, full spectrum light from Osram and Samsung LED chips that is ideal for both growth and bloom, the PowerPlant LED Fixture will ensure excellent results. Perfectly suited for use as a single standalone fixture, it is possible to control an array of up to 100 fixtures by means of the PowerPlant LED Controller.  

Technical Specifications:   
  • Full spectrum LED from Samsung 301B & Osram 660nm chips 
  • Light output PPF - 1120µmol/s 
  • Efficacy - 2.8µmol/J 
  • AC Input power - 400W 
  • AV Input voltage - 100-277V 50/60Hz 
  • Light Distribution - 120° 
  • Maximum ambient temperature - 45°C 
  • Dimming options - 30, 60, 80 & 100% 
  • Lifetime - L90 >50,000Hr 
  • IP Rating - IP65 
  • Weight – 7kg 
  • Overall size in use – 90cm x 90cm x 6cm 
Q: Why should I choose LED lighting rather than HID lighting? 
A: The advantages of LED are clear. There is negligible heat output from LED lights, and so heat management is much simpler. Also the power consumed relative to the light output is far less with an LED fixture than with a HID lamp. With some types of LED light, the spectrum is adjustable to suit either grow or bloom, which is never the case with HID lamps. Other types of LED, such as this PowerPlant fixture, give full spectrum light suited to both grow and bloom stages, which is not always the case with HID lamps. 

Q: At what height should I hang my PowerPlant LED Fixture? 
A: We recommend that you should hang your fixture adjustably, using LUMii Rope Ratchets, and that you set the fixture at about 30cm-50cm (minimum 15cm) above the canopy, adjusting the height as your plants grow. If, for your plants, the light is too intense and the plants show signs of stress, raise the fixture a little, or select a lower power. 


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