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Raw Nutrients - Enzymes

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A Powdered Blend of Cellulase, Xylanase and Beta-Glucanase

Raw Enzymes comes with a blend of natural enzymes that work to break down organic matter, including dead root mass. Once broken down, this material can then be reassimilated by plants, supplementing your regular feeding schedule and boosting overall growth and vigour. Raw Enzymes is a high-grade powdered additive that's ideal for tailoring feeding regimens to your exact requirements. It can be used with pretty much any growing medium or grow system, including soil, coco and hydroponics.

Breaking down dead root mass and waste products helps to condition the substrate, improving soils and 'cleaning up' coco and hydroponic grow media, like clay pebbles. Whichever substrate you choose, using Enzymes will dramatically lower the number of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, because there's much less decaying matter left lying around for them to take hold.  This makes Raw Enzymes a must-have for those who reuse soil, coco or clay pebbles, as it refreshes and revives it.

Additionally, Raw Enzymes works to break down biofilms. These biofilms can form on the surfaces of equipment, eventually causing issues like pump failures or blockages (especially common with dripper systems). Using enzymes is a great way to ensure that your automated grow system runs flawlessly for years to come.



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