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Raw Nutrients - Full Up

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Water Soluble Fulvic Acid Powder

RAW Full Up consists of 10% soluble fulvic acid, derived from peat. Fulvic acid is a more potent form of humic acid that's amber in colour. Use it alongside your other feeds and additives for improved nutrient uptake and an array of benefits. It will produce excellent results when used with pretty much any growing medium or grow system, including soil, coco and hydroponics. Full Up also delivers great results when used as a foliar feed. Adding Full Up also increases production of superoxide dismutase (SOD), especially when used in conjunction with Kelp. SOD is a powerful enzyme that acts as an antioxidant, breaking down damaging superoxides and making plants much more resilient in the process. This combination makes a great stress tonic for reviving lacklustre plants 

Delivers More Than 60 Trace Elements

As mentioned earlier, Full Up really comes into its own when teamed up with Kelp, a seaweed additive extracted from ascophyllum nodosum. When used together, they deliver more than 60 trace elements that play important roles in plant development. Without them, your plants will probably survive, but they will never reach their full potential.

Increases the Availability of Those Trace Elements Through Chelation

Enzymes play a crucial role in the biochemistry of plant life, and indeed all living things. Many of these enzymes are activated by metal ions known as co-factors. Without these co-factors a multitude of enzymatic pathways remain dormant, stunting growth rates and preventing plants from reaching their full potential. The above-mentioned superoxide dismutase is, perhaps, one of the best examples. SOD plays an extremely important role in overall plant health, but it requires metallic cofactors in order to perform its roles, in the form of either an iron / manganese complex or a copper / zinc complex. This is just one example of cofactor importance, and there are many more that your plants depend on for optimal performance. Humic and fulvic acid's roles as chelators greatly improve the availability of trace essential trace elements ensuring that all of the necessary pathways are fulfilled.


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