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Raw Nutrients - Humic Acid

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Powerful Nutrient Chelator and Substrate Conditioner

Raw Humic Acid is a fully water soluble 59% humic acid powder that's derived from leonardite. Humic acid is a key component of plant health and nutrition that makes essential nutrients more available to plants. It does this by improving the substrate's physical and chemical properties, increasing the water-holding capacity and cation-exchange capacity. Humic acid is also important for soil health. It can improve the structure of compacted or poorly-structured soils. It can also increase the soil’s ability to resist erosion. It also has a buffering effect on the pH of soils, rasing the pH of acid soils and lowering the pH of alkaline soils.

Teams Up Nicely with Kelp

Humic acid and seaweed have a synergistic effect - when used in combination, the results are greatly magnified. Over at Virginia Tech, a decade long study of biostimulants concluded that a 5:2 ratio (humic / seaweed) boosted effectiveness by 50%. That's because kelp contains the chemical signallers needed to stimulate growth, while humic acid's chelating properties heighten the effect of the signal, amplifying the growth rates. This combination was also found to increase production of superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a powerful enzyme that acts as an antioxidant, breaking down damaging superoxides and making plants much more resilient in the process.


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