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Raw Nutrients - Nitrogen

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A Powdered Source of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is needed by plants right the way through grow and bloom, though it is particularly important during the vegetative growth stages. RAW Nitrogen provides a readily available source of this vital nutrient. Plants can uptake Raw Nutrients - Nitrogen freely, causing leaves to green up while promoting vigorous growth. It is completely water soluble, which helps to keep pumps and equipment running sweetly, and it can be used with pretty much any growing medium or grow system, including soil, coco and hydroponics. 

Nitrogen is an essential element for plant growth. It is a key component of chlorophyll, which is responsible for photosynthesis, and it is also involved in the production of proteins. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants, and it plays a vital role in their growth and development. Without nitrogen, plants would be unable to produce the chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis. In addition, nitrogen is also involved in the production of proteins, which are essential for the plant's structure and function.


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